by Dee S. Knight, Jasmine Haynes, Dakota Cassidy, Leigh Wyndfield, Rae Morgan, Sydney Morgann, Vanessa Hart

September 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-75-2
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These aren't your mother's fairy tales. Hot and sexy, they are modern day stories with women who can take care of themselves. The men are gorgeous, of course. The seven tales in this anthology are loosely based on our favorite bedtime stories. Take a fan and some cold water to bed with you if you want to read them. The sheets will start to smolder after only a few pages into the book.

While all the stories are good, there are two that stood out for me. The first one is Beauty or the Bitch by Jasmine Haynes. It's a wonderfully emotional re-telling of the old favorite. Except there is no Beast in this one. There is only Shelby Stewart, a Hollywood actress whose stunning fall from grace is just as spectacularly mirrored by her fall from the public eye. Dex King is a reporter who wants to have an exclusive with the revered Hollywood star, Eden Alexander. But his interview is contingent on his getting an interview with Shelby Stewart. Willing to do anything for the exclusive, even if it means taking on the reclusive star, he heads for her home.

A snowstorm and a steamy encounter later, Dex realizes that Shelby isn't the prima donna that everyone has always claimed her to be. He sees the scars that destroy her self confidence and the guilt that has eaten away at her soul. Will Dex's love be enough to heal Shelby's pain? Will the secrets that she keeps hurt their relationship? Read the tale to find out.

The second stand out is Ms. Dakota Cassidy's hilarious re-telling of Snow White. In Snow White and the Seven Dorks , we see a modern Snow tending to the seven computer geeks that have taken her in. Between Happy's Prozac and Bashful's agrophobia, it's a wonder that Snow has any time to herself. She certainly isn't looking for Prince Charming. She's been searching for a way to get her father's money away from her Wicked Step-mother. Then one fateful day into her life comes Prince Charming. He's the new president of the company Snow works for. One look in each other's eyes and uh-oh, they're in love. But needless to say, the road to happily ever after is paved with big bumps. Namely the wicked step-mother. How they deal with her is laugh out loud funny.

Throw in a couple werewolves, a hard broiled detective and a princess looking for some action, you have a great anthology. Funny, emotional, suspenseful, there is a story here for everyone. Wonderful characters and hot sex make for a great time reading. Who knew that Peter Pan would grow up to be that hot?

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.