by Sherri L. King

September 2003
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Six years ago after being betrayed by her fiancť, Mike, and her best friend, Norah, Catherine Stowe gave up on love. Her pain caused her to leave college and begin a career as a professional makeup artist. Rather than risk her heart, she took to having one-night stands, which she acquired through the secret identity of Kitty, a flirtatious, bold woman who was quite different from her normal personality.

One fateful evening, Catherine engages in a tryst with Gideon Fevere, ex CIA agent turned bodyguard, and realizes one night was not always enough. This knowledge scares her, but she was slightly relieved that she would never see Gideon again. When Gideon became her employerís bodyguard, Catherine recognized she could not go back to her old ways. She would have to open her heart or be miserable forever.

But change isnít always that easy, and sometimes itís easier to fight than to show tenderness. Many harsh words will pass between Catherine and Gideon before the love is uncovered, and when it finally is revealed, it may be too late for Catherine.

Bachelorette by Sherri L. King, is one of the best erotic romance novels Iíve ever read. Thereís romance, sex, and of all things Ė a great story line. With this book, King does what so many writers attempt, yet fail; she immediately grabs the readerís attention and holds it throughout the story. In fact, this novel was so enthralling that I read it in one sitting.

The chemistry between the leading characters is electrifying, and the dialogue sizzles. Concise but effective, the text flows smoothly and leaves no unanswered questions. Catherine and Gideon are one hot couple.

King deserves a round of applause. Normally, one would have to take a shower to get this much steam.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Natasha.

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