by Jennifer Dunne, Madelein Oh, and Dominique Adair

September 2003
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Dancing In the Dark by Jennifer Dunne is the first story in this anthology. When Keri incidentally receives an invitation to the Opera’s Halloween Costume party she debates whether or not to join in the festivities. Then she realizes it’s the perfect opportunity to come out of her shell, while masquerading as someone else. Can she come out of her shell while hiding behind the mask? And what erotic pleasures await her at the party? And just who is this masked man she knows by Master?

Trick or Treat by Madeleine Oh is the second story in this anthology. Katie is busy with her business, and her family is putting the pressure on her to meet Mr. Right soon before it’s too late. While out shopping for a relative’s bridal gift with her cousin Andrew, she finds he has orchestrated a meeting between her and a man named Jud. Instant sparks fly between the two.

And the final story of the anthology is entitled, Louisiana Heat by Dominique Adair. When Kay arrives in Louisiana she believes she is there to meet a man named Remy that she has met online. Unknown to her, Remy has left town and his cousin David recognizes her and wants her for himself. Keeping his true identity hidden he proceeds to steal her heart but can they find true love when his deception is revealed?

Party Favors has three interesting, quick reads to leave the reader entranced. There is an amusing moment, when one author plugs erotic e-books and Ellora’s Cave in particular in the story Trick or Treat. There is also some mystery in the fantasies acted out in these books, as two of the women in the stories weren’t aware of whom their lovers were until after they’d become involved. And the ending to Louisiana Heat is very endearing.

It’s obvious that three talented writers came together and accomplished another successful story of bondage and erotica. Short stories that are full of the erotic images and bondage that make these books so well read and loved by fans. With the pages of sexual desire and fulfillment filling Party Favors, the erotic reader should find themselves enjoying this purchase.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Katy.