by Jacqueline Navin

December 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19326-8
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Mass Market Paperback

The Earl of Woolrich was an unrepetant rake. Cutting a swath through England with remarkable equality, he sired a number of illegitimate children and supported them in various ways. He did one other remarkable thing - he kept a journal detailing not only his offspring, but his various conquests. These journals are discovered by his sister, Lady May Hayworth, after his death. The lively widow is taken aback by his revelations, and then sets out to find her nieces and nephews. Her plans are simple - to locate her brotherís children and make sure that they are secure in life, supplementing things with the Earlís fortune which is under her control.

Michaela Standish has never fit in to her family. Looking nothing like her sisters and often treated very differently, she has always been set apart. It comes as a relief to learn that her father was the Earl of Woolrich, and that her new aunt, Lady Hayworth, is eager to make her acquaintance and provide an entree into society. As she is swept into the glittering parties of the Season, she meets Major Adrian Khoury, a war hero, who has the shocking manners to suggest that she is a Cyprian!

Major Khoury is aghast to discover that the sensuous beauty is no demi-rep, but in fact a gently-bred young woman. While he is searching for a demure and biddable young woman to wed, there is something about Miss Standish that interests him. He finds her unconventional attitudes refreshing and her beauty, enticing. She is definitely not the type of bride that an aspiring politician needs.

The first book in a series called The Mayfair Brides, The Princess of Park Lane is an enchanting story. I enjoyed not only Michaela Standish, but her unconventional aunt as well. If the rest of the series is as well-written and entertaining as this book, Ms. Navin has a winner!

Reviewed in November 2003 by Paula.

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