by Susan Johnson

February 1993
ISBN: 0-515-12725-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Susan Johnson's Sinful is a delicious read. Ms. Johnson evokes love and passion to new heights and takes readers on a ride from England's historic horse races to the ton in London to horse trading in turbulent North Africa.

Almost 18-year-old Chelsea Fergusson slipped into Sinjin St. John's, the Duke of Seth, carriage and begged him to deflower her in an effort to avoid marriage to a man she didn't love. Sinjin, who is always in pursuit of pleasure and horses, reluctantly declined the offer once he found out that Chelsea was a sister of a friend and of noble birth. A determined Chelsea, however, cannot be swayed from her course - after all, Sinjin is the most talked about premier lover in England and if she's going to be ruined, she might as well be ruined by the best!

Ms. Johnson is best when describing the passionate feelings of these two lovers - the emotional upheaval that Sinjin goes through when he is with Chelsea is heartbreaking. Ms. Johnson's talent swept this reader through a roller coaster ride of emotions. The best parts, however, are contained to the first one-third of the book, when Sinjin and Chelsea are caught up in a sensual haze and first stirrings of love. It is really too bad that the rest of the tale faltered the moment Chelsea and Sinjin fulfilled their week long affair, as one contrived event after another was presented.

Still, Susan Johnson fans should not be disappointed with Sinful. There are plenty of historical facts that are interesting and which explains a lot of the life and times in England during the late 1700's. Although the romance between Chelsea and Sinjin take plenty of trying twists and turns, it makes their happily-ever-after all the more gratifying.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Veronica.

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