by Dawn Atkins

October 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69145-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #945
Mass Market Paperback

After a planned year in London falls through because her partner Trudy falls in love and goes off on an extended vacation Ariel Adams find herself back in California and living at the last place she wants to live - the beach. Trudy has let Ariel buy her beach house for an unbelievably low price and even paid for some much needed remodeling to be done as part of the deal. Oh and one more thing Trudy had agreed to let repairman Jake Renner live at the beach house until the remodeling was complete. It seems Ariel has an unwanted roommate as well.

Jake Renner has cut his expenses as much as possible in order to give his sister her dream, a year of living abroad as a graduation gift. Growing up in the household of very strict parents Jake is determined not to let his parents overprotection squash his sisterís spirit. Jake has become somewhat of a free spirit thanks to his very strict Navy father who expects his household to be ship shape at all times. Jake loves life and living it. He is open to new experiences and enjoys a life free of stress.

Despite the fact that she wants him out of her house Ariel canít help but admit that Jake is very attractive and she even becomes jealous when his many female admirers come to visit. Can this straight laced no nonsense woman learn to lighten up a bit and just enjoy life. Jake is surely the man to help with this very difficult task.

In Room...But Not Bored! Dawn Atkins has penned a delightful story of two opposites and a growing attraction that they canít deny. Jake is the kind of hero that makes us all love reading romance so much. Thoughtful, kind and of course too handsome for his own good Jake is the kind of guy we all dream of. It is fun to see how Jake slowly convinces Ariel to loosen up and enjoy life.

With her ability to create realistic characters in believable situations and add humor to the mix Dawn Atkins continually creates stories that are a joy to read. I expect even greater things from her and am looking forward to her next release. Dawn is defiantly a star on the rise and one to watch.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Barbara.

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