by Robin Lee Hatcher

January 2004
ISBN: 0-8423-6099-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Heart Quest
Trade Paperback

What a delightful romp this book was. It brought me back to the days when woman’s freedom was born and romance was all about the chase!

The author has created a wonderfully endearing character in Katie, the new college graduate with plans to educate the world, but not as a teacher. Katie is a believable and lovable suffragette, fresh out of Vassar and filled with the spirit of many American collegiate woman of this time. Katie is an exuberant preacher of woman’s rights and independence from men, and her speeches are refreshing and often comical in only the way a young enthusiastic woman speaks. I often felt myself thinking, “Open mouth, insert foot,” and found myself laughing aloud at the situations her run-away mouth would get her into! I could easy relate to this character, as I remember when I graduated college and couldn’t wait to conquer the world of science with all my newfound knowledge.

I also love how the author presents a male character that is totally behind her in the form of her childhood best friend, Ben, who publishes a newspaper and allows her the writing freedom of such a fresh, intelligent spirit needs. His character wasn’t as well developed as Katie’s except that he was hopelessly in love with her, and totally devoted and that made him infinitely charming!

The secondary characters of Sophia, Charlotte, and Blanche, were also well written. There was another inanimate character, the Susan B., Katie’s pride and joy, her motorcar, which mimicked the characteristics of strength, beauty and inventiveness of Katie, while at times; foreshadowing what was to come in Katie’s life. If the car broke down, the reader could expect trouble ahead for Katie. But never fear, there was always her stalwart knight, Ben, to help her out, along with her loving supporters.

If you like a lot of historical politics with your romance, you’ll love this adventure into the birth of woman’s equality. I actually felt proud of Katie, thinking that, although this was a work of fiction, I bet there were woman like Katie. It was a refreshingly different read for me, and I recommend this to other men and women readers not only for the sweet old fashioned romance, but a light-hearted reminiscence and appreciation of what our great-grandmothers and suffragettes went through so we could be what we are today! Enjoy!

Reviewed in January 2004 by Suemarie.

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