by Julie Ortolon

February 2004
ISBN: 0-312-98349-2
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Donít Tempt Me, is the much anticipated conclusion to author, Julie Ortolonís St. Claire trilogy. Those readers who have been waiting with bated breath wonít be disappointed.

Adrian St. Claire is trying to persuade Jackie Taylor that a letter she has verifying the existence of a powder horn once belonging to George Washington is necessary to getting funding to do an underwater dig at cove near Adrianís home on Pearl Island. He also wants Jackie to start running cruises using her beloved sailing ship between her home in Corpus Christie Bay to his in Galveston Bay.

Jackie is unsure whether she wants to give the St. Claire family the letter. They would need to have it tested to verify its authenticity. Jackieís past makes her very weary in having her current credibility checked. Sheís struggling to make ends meet and feels that surrendering the letter, and all the publicity she is sure to follow, will dredge up a past she wants to leave in the past.

Through much hard work and dedication to his task Adrian manages to convince Jackie that the present is all anyone truly cares about. Jackie finally surrenders and the letter is verified, but the unpleasant past is also brought up. Will Jackie retreat back to life on her ship trying to be invisible, and not cause waves? Will Adrianís effusive personality keep her moving forward and facing life and all its ups and downs?

While Jackie is facing her demons Adrian is also facing demons of his own. Throughout his life heís made sacrifices for his family. Has his time finally come for him to move onto a life he thinks he wants? When he makes a move towards that life what will the ultimate outcome be?

Ms. Ortolon has written another page turner of a book. As a reader you will not burn your fingers reading Donít Tempt Me, but you will be entertained every step of the way. The chemistry between all the characters is well done, and very believable. The secondary characters know that while essential to any good story, they are not the main focus, and are quite content to stay in the background, and let Adrian and Jackieís story be told. I personally am back to hearing the song Anticipation in my head as I await Ms. Ortolonís next offering.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Sandi.

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