by Julia Ross

June 2002
ISBN: 0-425-08469-2
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Trade Paperback

He is ruined. Alden Granville-Strachan, Viscount Gracechurch, has gambled once too often. Hoping to add to the family coffers emptied by his wastrel father, Alden has instead lost everything - his home, his land, his place in society. Only one opportunity remains. His opponent has offered to erase the debt, and add some monetary incentive, if he can succeed where other men have failed. His prowess as a lover is called into play as he is asked to seduce a winsome widow who has retired to the country life.

Mistress Juliet Seton is content. Her quiet country home is a place of refuge. Far from the prying eyes of society, she has retreated to enjoy her garden and live in quiet anonymity. She has no use for the frivolous nobility, nor for the flirtations that are de rigeur for widows and bored wives. She cannot see the forces working to bring her downfall. She is unaware that her sedate life is about to change forever.

The Seduction is a richly woven tapestry of love. The author seduces her readers with such strong imagery that you can almost see the English countryside. The characters are full-bodied and alive with passion. From the first moment to the final conclusion, the plot twists and turns with one surprise after another. But the pace is fluid, like a brook that flows gently, yet is determined to reach the sea. This is not a gripping page-turner, but a book that you cannot put down because it is so lovely, so pleasing to read.

When I think about all of the historical romances that I have read, only a few have met and surpassed my expectations as much as this charming book, plucked off the shelf of a used bookstore, with only the cover to recommend it. Upon further research I have found an earlier work to search for, and a future book to anticipate. I will gladly do both.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Paula.

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