by Deborah Kuhn

September 2003
ISBN: 1-4137-0382-8
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Trade Paperback

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Dr. Sabrina Craig, a widow is now facing the toughest trip of her life. Mason Craig has asked her to visit the Mountains of Afghanistan and spread his ashes on the one year anniversary of his death. The catch is that Sabrina is to be accompanied by Masonís step-son Jeremy Brentwood. Sabrina and Jeremy have had a rocky relationship since Sabrina married his father. However, now the two of them must put aside their differences in order to carryout Masonís final wish. As the two of them set off on their adventure, the dangers of the trip draw the two of the closer together and Jeremy and Sabrina realize that Masonís last wish may be a new beginning for both of them.

Mason's Will is a touching novel about how one manís death can lead to a life time of love. The characters in the novel draw the reader in and capture his or her attention. As a reader, I could feel Sabrinaís pain at the death of her husband and the joy she felt at discovering love once again. Jeremyís distain for Sabrina is apparent to the reader, until he and Sabrina really get to know each other. The theme of forgiveness is apparent throughout the novel as all the characters must learn to forgive themselves and each other. Sabrina and Jeremyís emotional struggle takes center stage in the novel as they travel throughout Afghanistan trying to honor Masonís wish. The time the two of them spend together defines the novel and gives the reader a true taste of their relationship.

This novelĎs plot contains all the elements of a truly remarkable romance; there is action, love, intrigue, hate, and forgiveness and as each one of these element seamlessly blend they create a truly delightful story. I enjoyed this story very much and highly recommend this story of love and forgiveness to anyone who likes a poignant love story.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jen.

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