by Judith Gould

October 2003
ISBN: 0-45121-047-6
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library

Finding out your fiancé is cheating is never a good thing, yet actually finding out that he’s engaged to someone else is the ultimate betrayal to a heart. Tracey Sullivan is a struggling writer, working for a local television station just to pay the bills, and engaged to handsome, smart and super rich Brian Biggs, III. However; on a quick lunch with him, she comes face to face with his “other” fiancé. Later that afternoon, she gets a shocking surprise on camera, when she finds out an apparent suicide is none other than her own father.

Being secretive all of his life, Tracey has no idea whether her father has any life insurance, mortgages or anything. In searching for these articles she stumbles upon some clues that may lead to her own parentage, but as her father warns her, acting on anything she finds in the box may have the same effect as opening Pandora’s box and to proceed with caution. Understandable since by all appearances, Urania, a famous actress and writer, is her mother.

Just when she is down on her luck, her agent Mark Varney offers her a chance to ghostwrite for Urania. Short of cash and curious to learn more about her possible parentage she accepts the position. The catch is, she has to work at Urania’s home in Greece. What she inevitably does is find herself in the middle of a ton of hidden secrets, a wonderful love affair and tangled up in a dangerous plot of murder.

The Greek Villa covers many elements that make a book endearing. Such as: friendship, true love, recovering from a bad relationship, suspense, mystery and filled with a few wonderful twists and turns. The story is told in such a detailed way, that the reader truly experiences the emotions of the main characters, such as the shock upon Tracey’s father’s apparent suicide. The reader also enjoys the details that describe the beautiful area in Greece where Tracey stays with Urania.

Though things in the book are constantly happening, this is not a book one can sit down and read quickly, it was a slow read but that did not take anything from the joy of reading the book. It was something a reader can devour a bite at a time, to truly enjoy and experience. Upon finishing, I felt this truly was an outstanding work and am pleased that I was lucky enough to be able to review this piece of fiction, that I’m sure will be enjoyed by many. I only hope that others enjoy this story as much as I did and I definitely see it finding a permanent place on many bookshelves.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Katy.

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