by Lissa Larer

ISBN: 1-58749-384-5
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Lara winds up taking a house in a small western town to keep her niece safe after her brother-in-law is killed during a hold-up at his bank. Here she meets deputy sheriff, Tyler Montgomery and sparks fly between them.

The story is set during the early days of the Old West where the laws were new and shoot-outs were a regular happening. Lara found it all rather frightening but she was a plucky young woman.

Lara is a witness to the bank robbery and Tyler has to protect her. This, of course, means the two are thrown together more than they find comfortable.

The charisma between the two lead characters is well done. You can feel the tension and almost see the sparks flying. Lara may be a schoolteacher, but when she is around Tyler her primness is hard to hold onto. She certainly is a young woman who prefers the straight and narrow path and Tyler is too much a 'wide' boy for her. It is interesting seeing both of them trying to keep the barriers up between them.

A good solid plotline makes the story move at a good pace. There are plenty of characters in the book, most of them related to Tyler!

Nathan, Tylerís younger brother, shines along with their Aunt Genevieve - good by-play between the family members makes them very realistic. A family worth a few follow up stories?

Sexual tension between Tyler and Lara is well played out. Both try to fight the needs within them because Lara has a fiance away on Army duty. She knows she doesnít love the man she is promised to, but feels she must honour her promise.

Lara finds getting used to the West isnít easy when she faces bears and other discomforts. The danger she faces from an enemy also makes for a very good story. I enjoyed this book very much.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Mary.

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