by Michelle Hoppe

September 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-72-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Liquid Silver

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Victoria Lane opened Club Belle Tori because she wanted a place where she, and others like her could indulge their sexual fantasies. With the help of her friend Pierre DuMonte, she has built a place she is very proud of. But Pierre thinks it is time for her to have a man in her life. One who can share her quiet times as well a man who can appreciate her for the sexy, independent, uninhibited woman that she is. After the death of her husband Matt, Tori has kept men at a distance, except when sex is involved. Pierre is sure that he has found the perfect man for his friend, now all he has to do is convince her to at least give him a chance.

Jason Hunter is rich, handsome and sexy. He exudes an aura of power that makes women drool when he walks in the room. The things his friend Sam had to say about Tori after spending time with her at her club intrigue him. He agrees to meet her because he is looking to settle down. He wonders if she is one woman who can capture his heart.

Tori and Jason are dynamite together from the first moment they meet. The sexual tension heats up the room. They only have eyes for each other and canít keep their hands to themselves.

I was glued to my chair and squirming the whole time I read this explosively, sexy story. Author Michelle Hoppe, has written a story that manages to be both erotic and romantic. Jason sweeps Tori off her feet and keeps her flying high the whole time. Tori is one of those characters who is both sexy and likeable. The dialogue was both raw and sensual. Ms. Hoppe has a sure-fire winner with her first release for Liquid Silver. My only quibble was the ending. This is the first book in a trilogy about Club Belle Tori. I was unfortunately very unhappy with the way this story ended. I wonít give away the ending, but I will say that I was disappointed and felt that the reason for it was contrived. I thought the heroineís actions were not true to her intrinsic character. But nevertheless, I truly enjoyed this story, and look forward with anticipation, to book two.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Carolyn.

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