by Diane Stingley

December 2003
ISBN: 0-743-46491-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Sam has been in love with Greg since they were next door neighbors as children. Greg has flitted in and out of her romantic life with astounding regularity, sometimes as a friend but often as much more. Sam is somewhat surprised when Greg calls her, asking to meet on Thanksgiving evening. All throughout her very unique family gathering she hopes beyond hope that they will be rekindling their love affair. Sam is in her thirties now and even though she has a somewhat fun career, she longs for the relationships her friends have. She staves off the routine family questions by inventing a boyfriend named Alex and describing him in detail to her family.

That evening, Greg makes an impassioned plea to Sam, stating that he has finally found ‘the one’. She readies herself for the excitement of her karma finally working for her instead of it being a cosmic joke. Alas, Sam’s karma is nowhere to be found when Greg confesses that he loves another woman. She is shattered by the news and even more broken up by the fact that Greg doesn’t even seem to realize how much he has hurt her.

Sam knows that she is at a crossroads and that this holiday season will be extra painful. Clueless Greg insists that she spend time with the new woman in his life and Sam dreads that with a passion. What can she do? How can she get through the holiday period as a lonely and sad single?

Then it comes to her. She’ll hire an actor to play the part of perfect Alex. Sam calls upon an actress friend who finds the perfect actor, Mark. Mark is intense and driven and demands that he fully immerse himself in the part. Will Sam be able to separate fiction from reality?

Dress You Up in My Love is a witty and thoughtful examination of the pressures that families put on single women. It was fascinating for me to see Sam’s journey and struggle between what she has and what she wants. Thought provoking and engaging, Dress You Up in My Love is a winner.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Bree.

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