by Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Kinley MacGregor

September 2003
ISBN: 0-06-050524-9
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Mass Market Paperback

In the first story, Against the Odds by Lisa Kleypas, we meet hero Dr. Jake Linley (a secondary character in Someone to Watch Over Me), and heroine Lydia Craven. Lydia is an exceptionally gifted mathematician, never really feeling like she belonged in ‘society’ because of her disinterest in it. She’s now engaged, but not in love with her fiancé. Jake knows this, and is determined that Lydia is going to be his. All he has to do is make her see things his way - overriding that logical brain of hers and showing her love really is an equation. A delightful foray into a whimsical love story.

The second story is Midsummer's Knight, author Kinley MacGregor’s medieval tale about secondary character Simon of Ravenswood from Master of Desire. Simon has no lands and not that much income, and has been carrying around a secret for a long time. Corresponding with a Scottish heiress (Kenna) all the while pretending to be his Earl, Stryder, Simon has been secretly in love with Kenna. When Kenna arrives to be Stryder’s bride, Simon has to confess. What follows is the “a-little-bit-rocky-road-to-happiness’ story where Simon and Kenna finally find true love.

The third book is A Tale of Two Sisters by Julia Quinn. Hero Ned Blydon is from Splendid, and he’s in a dilemma he can’t figure out how to solve. He’s engaged to one Thornton sister but actually in love with the other sister. Charlotte is a poet, and Ned soon finds out that he just may have a bit of poet inside him too. What follows is a series of events that eventually bring Ned and Charlotte together in a ‘happy-ever-after’ ending.

Although a fan of all three writers, this reviewer was somewhat disappointed in the stories. Maybe they were too short and needed more ‘filling out’ to bring depth to the characters and the situations. Still, they were a ‘good read’ for an afternoon and it was nice re-visiting characters from the previous books.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Kari.