by Lori Wilde

December 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61366-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Tough private investigator Charlee Champaign wasn`t afraid of anything, well, except for black widow spiders and gorgeous rich men! So when Charlee felt a premonition of doom coming on, she frantically searched for a dreaded spider nearby, but knew a fear even worse when she spotted Mason Gentry instead!

Mason wasn`t in Las Vegas on a pleasure trip; he was there to find his grandfather. His grandfather had run off without a word to anyone and with $500,000 of company funds! Mason`s only clue, leads him to the investigating office of Charlee Champaign and her grandmother, Maybelline. After alerted by Mason`s suspicions, Charlee soon realizes her grandmother`s fishing trip was only a ploy and that Maybelline must be with Mason`s grandfather on some unknown mission!

Together Charlee and Mason search for their grandparents, all the while dodging henchmen with guns, a car-destroying giant hamburger (you`ll have to read the book to find out!) to hunt down an Elvis impersonator gone bad. The couple`s escapades even include an escape route and free trip to Los Angeles via the Newlywed Game! But while the tension mounts in the race to find their grandparents, Charlee and Mason cannot deny their mutual attraction, despite the many reasons why they should. However, is it possible for the two lovers to have a relationship in the face of their social differences, family obligations, and past hurts?

Charlee and Mason`s experiences throughout License to Thrill are always passionate, often amusing and usually dangerous to boot! The combination makes for an impossible to put down read. But while the action and adventure was plentiful, those who dislike dark, bloody tales have nothing to fear from License to Thrill. The suspense, while realistic, is lighthearted enough for any romance reader to enjoy.

Added to the fast-moving plot, were likeable and well developed characters. Charlee was a complex heroine tough but tender, sassy but sensitive. Mason was quite the hero too, with an honest conscious that remained constant throughout the story and added to his appeal (if his hot body and great looks weren`t enough).

This was my first read by Lori Wilde and if her other novels come even close to the same caliber of License to Thrill, I will be devouring them all!

Reviewed in November 2003 by Nicole.

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