by T. A. Ridgell

September 2003
ISBN: 1-59080-293-4
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FBI agent Joe Franconi is hot on the trail of the mob boss who killed his father when insurance agent Megan O’Riley gets in his way. Megan has had a tough time making her insurance business successful, and has been forced to go door to door in order to find clients. After knocking on the wrong door, Megan comes into possession of some very sensitive documents that mob boss Sal Scalfone would like to have back. Unfortunately, Megan has thrown the papers away as trash. Now, the mob is after her and her only hope is Special Agent Joe Franconi, who is falling in love with Megan while trying to protect her. Together, Joe and Megan must bring down the Scalfone organization before the mob can discover where Megan is hiding and permanently silence her.

When Opportunity Knocks by T.A. Ridgell draws the reader into the world of Scareface, Al Capone, and the underbelly of the mob, where the FBI and snitches work together to bring down mob families and the mob works to bring down the FBI and permanently silence those who oppose them. Sal Scalfone is a wonderful bad guy, the kind every reader loves to hate; he is ruthless, mean, and at time, exasperating. Unfortunately for Sal, his men are not quite up to snuff which leads to some very interesting and often humorous encounters between them and Joe, Megan, and Sal.

The love story in this novel is cute and entertaining and the sparks really fly between the two of them. I found their relationship to be the most enjoyable part of the entire story. In fact, this was one of the most entertaining romances I have read in a long time. The plot was wonderful and the suspense kept me engrossed throughout the entire novel. The secondary characters helped create a world that the reader would like to visit again soon and I hope the author has plans for some to the other characters. They also helped fashion a lively novel and assisted in moving the plot along rapidly. I would highly recommend this book to those readers who like terrific suspense united with a charming love story.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jen.

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