by Anthology

January 2003
ISBN: 1-57612-186-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Pretty Things Press
Trade Paperback

Anthologies are difficult creatures to review. Containing an assortment of stories, often by different authors, the reviewer faces the question of whether to give an overall opinion, go story by story, or pass the whole book on to someone else and throw their hands up in confusion.

This book provided just such a dilemma. It contains thirty stories Ė most scarcely more than two or three pages Ė so going one by one is clearly impossible. And there are two authors credited, yet no story is actually credited to either. Reviewers reach for aspirins when confronted with this task.

So this has to be a general review, one which looks at the book as a whole. And the first comment isÖthis is NOT a romance. It is also VERY accurately titled. These are erotic stories. In the deepest, truest sense of the word. The characters ďdo itĒ; with each other, with things, with appliances, in groups, alone, and in an assortment of locations, both public and private.

All the tales are first person stories, purported to be written by a woman for a man. Whether a man would find them erotic or not, I canít say. Did they make me hot? Some of them. Did they make me squirm? Quite a few of them. Did I enjoy them? Yes Ė several were excellent, a few were funny, and there were only a couple that didnít really reach me.

Of course, Iím reading them from a womanís perspective, and on that level, I found many of them appealing. Iím still trying to work out the washing machine thing, but overall the sex was satisfying for both (or all, as the case may be), and clearly affectionate, no matter what particular direction it took.

As a fascinating peek into the world of erotic literature, this is a good beginning. But donít expect a romance...or even names. Itís the anonymous world of sexual interaction that is detailed in these stories, not the love behind or beneath it. Try it if youíd like to take a walk on the wild side, but be prepared for some eye-opening moments. Itís NOT a Harlequin Blaze and the rating reflects that fact. However, if judged on sheer eroticism, this book would rate much higher.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Celia.

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