by Anthology

January 2003
ISBN: 1-57612-185-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Pretty Things Press
Trade Paperback

I am going to describe in one sentence, what each of the 30 stories is about … ready? Here goes:

They are working on breaking the rules listed on page ten of the employee handbook regarding improper relationships between employees. A couple makes a mad dash to the bathroom during a dinner party. A personal trainer demands more. Anything can set him off when he’s in the mood, even the ads in a magazine. A peeping Tom, with binoculars gets the scene of a lifetime. A woman gets locked out of her vacation home and must go to a neighbor’s for the night. A couple spends some time together in a sauna. Shoes drive a man to passion. A waiter does everything he can to be near a table of women, one of them in particular, and gets some alone time with her in the restaurant. The new car smell excites a woman beyond all belief. A shopping excursion turns a quiet female into a damsel in distress. A college reunion turns to passion during a scheduled meeting under the bleachers. He has a desire to make her dessert. Strangers ride the same bus for a week looking for each other, and then get kicked off when they meet. A married couple takes a cab home after clubbing and gives the driver a ride. Roommates help a friend break out of her shy shell.

An ex-boyfriend lives on the couch and can’t stop his desires for the ex-girlfriend’s roommate. The Birthday Queen gets punished for her bad manners. An ex-boyfriend calls an ex-girlfriend because he misses the down and dirty way they were together. He is given a surprise while out hiking. The handyman uses his tools in a special way. A birthday boy is given a present using his five senses. Ex-lovers do body shots. The beginning of a friendship is the beginning of the lovers. An overnight train trip turns into an erotic ride. A man sees a past lover, one who has been in his mind lately, in the most unusual place and searches for her again. An artist puts a final touch on her paintings. A love letter explains the ability for giving punishment and forgiveness. A woman offers a man a ride home from the grocery store and he gives her the best ride ever. Finally, she changes the rules of the game then ups the ante as well.

Thirty different erotic stories told to you in first person by the male, placing the reader in the position of the female character in each one. Hers is an erotic ride for all readers. Each story is short and to the point, and extremely enjoyable for someone with a short attention span (someone like me). There isn’t much build up, rather most of the stories focus on the actual erotic act happening. This book has everything! There is voyeurism, personal gratification, finding a stranger for a quickie, fetishes, and even a small bit of bondage/punishment. Some of the stories weren’t even about the culmination of a couple getting together, but rather the build up of events to come *snicker*. Most of the stories are told to the girlfriend/wife/significant other of the writer, some are told to a stranger with the feel of the beginning of an erotic relationship. All stories are wonderfully erotic making it hard, *snicker* to pick a favorite.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Vikky.

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