by Anthology

May 2002
ISBN: 0-7394-2669-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Pretty Things Press

Editor Alison Tyler has accumulated a fascinating, sensual and stimulating collection of erotic tales for this volume. As the title suggests, there are twenty-six tantalizing tales, one for each letter of the alphabet. And together, they cover a wide range of what constitutes the word “naughty” for the various contributing writers, some of whom are renowned erotica authors like Ann Blakely, Thomas Roche, N.T.Morley and Dante Davidson.

While there is something in this collection to appeal to every reader, some tales do stand out. In “Appraising Love” by Dante Davidson, an appraiser and a client get amorous at an Antiques Road show. “Curtain Call” by Thomas S. Roche, is a sexy tale of a woman who enjoys undressing in front of an open window, hoping that someone is watching her. In Shane Fowler’s “Focus of Attention” a married couple discovers a kinkier side of love. J.Richards’ story “In Progress” is the story of a mistress and her studly slave. In “Killing the Marabou Slippers” by Molly Laster, a man goes berserk over his woman’s luscious pair of slippers. Marilyn Jaye Lewis’ “Making Whoopie” has a famous movie star conflicted about his impending marriage. “On Fire” is the story of two lesbians fantasizing. Julia Moore’s “Pinch the Head” has a couple risking sex in public.

It's not possible to summarize all the tales in this stunning collection, but in general it can be said that they cover a vast spectrum of sexual preferences, from sedate to kinky, normal to extraordinary. The stories, while predominantly erotic in nature, nevertheless have interesting plot lines and well-crafted characters. The explicit language and the frank descriptions only add reality to the stories. All in all, this collection can be summed up as entertaining as well as naughty!

Reviewed in November 2003 by Rashmi.

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