by Cecilia Vaughn

March 2003
ISBN: 1-591-09486-0
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Trade Paperback

Dr. Sheba Queen Dupre, has achieved everything she has ever wished for in her professional life. She has her doctorate in music and teaches at the Coastal College. She helps at the church. She has always been sheltered. Sheba lives a life of luxury where she can have anything she wants. But something is missing. On New Year's Day, she makes a resolution to fix what is lacking in her life.

So, she jets off to the mountains. There she starts composing a musical, her life's true ambition. She has sworn off men and relationships, wanting to focus all her attention on her work. But fate has something else in store for her.

Solomon Gregory Quinn is a man who has the world at his feet. His architectual business is booming. He has a wonderful apartment and a cabin on the mountain. What more could he ask for in his rich life? He's longing for a woman to complete him. A soulmate to love forever. He heads to the mountain to reassess his life and make some changes.

Fate steps in to help Sheba and Solomon. They meet at dawn one morning and their paths are set. No matter what happens, they will come to love each other. Despite time apart and overzealous former lovers, they manage to trust and mature together into a giving relationship.

In my opinion, the only thing holding this story back is the dialogue. There aren't many introspective thoughts or descriptions. Everything is pretty much said by the characters. Some of the things that the characters say don't even have to be said. A few repetitive phrases slow the pace a little.

In The Biblical Sense, is a good story. It tells of two mature people who are ready to settle down and start a new family. Sheba's ability to overcome her doubts and accept Solomon in every way is described well. All of the characters seem colorful and interesting. A surprise ending sets up nicely for the sequel to Sheba and Solomon's relationship.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jenni.

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