by Sabrina Jeffries

November 2000
ISBN: 0-380-80928-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Sabrina Jeffries writes with such warmth and compassion, you can't help but fall in love with her characters!

Mr. Marsden Griffith (Griff) Knighton knows that to obtain the title that is rightfully his, he must marry one of the Earl of Swanlea's three daughters. He devises a plan to go to Swanlea; disguised as his man of affairs Daniel Brennon, to see if he can find his parents' marriage certificate that will prove that he's the rightful Earl of Swanlea. As he's doing this, his 'real' man of affairs, Daniel Brennon, will pose as him, Mr. Knighton. Confused yet? Believe me, it really isn't too complicated, that is until they reach Swanlea, meet the daughters and Griff realizes that power and money aren't everything. But how can he dig himself out of all the lies that he has woven to gain what's really important - love?

Lady Rosalind Laverick, second oldest daughter to the Earl of Swanlea, is outraged to find out that her father was 'selling' off his daughters to this Mr. Knighton, whom they have never met, in order to save Swanlea from ruin. When her youngest sister, Juliet, offers to sacrifice herself for her family, Rosalind decides that this 'person' will never lay a finger on her sister and she must devise a plan to make it happen.

When Griff and Daniel arrive at Swanlea and switch identities, the fun really begins. Daniel, who is impersonating Griff, is supposed to keep the sisters busy while Griff, posing as Daniel, searches for the document that will prove his legitimacy. But when Rosalind suspects that something evil is underfoot, she stick like glue to Griff, thinking that he's up to no good and she means to find out what. And if it means finding something illegal, well, that's even better! For these men will be gone all the sooner.

However, neither Rosalind nor Griff ever imagine that they will find something in each other that they have never had with any other person. Someone who accepts each one as they are, not what they represent. And when the charade is over, can Griff make Rosalind understand his reasons for lying? Will love be able to heal the greatest lie of all?

This story is very fast paced and fun. It's a little confusing at times, for the reader as well as for the characters, as they try and keep track of who's who. But I loved this story and I think you will too.

Happy reading!

Reviewed in September 2001 by Debbie.

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