by Katie MacAlister

November 2003
ISBN: 0-505-52530-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Joy, and her best friend, Roxanne are about to head overseas for a book festival in Germany. They visit a friend, a Wiccan named Miranda, for a quick reading to find out about the men they are supposed to find to be the love of their lives. Joy has a weird vision and agrees with Miranda never to read the rune stones again after the disasters that came true after her last readings. Both Joy, and Roxy are excited about a side trip to the hometown of an author, C.J. Dante, who writes romantic vampire stories.

Once they get to the little Czech town where Dante lives, Roxy is ecstatic to learn that there is a Goth Faire visiting and canít wait to visit. Roxy is hoping to find a Vampire for herself if not to meet Dante in person (and of course have him sign all 12 books she has brought over with her). Joy just wants to sightsee and canít seem to make Roxy realize that Vampires donít exist. Oddly, Joy starts to experience visions, feelings, and actions that make her think that she is either losing her mind or possessed by a Vampire. And, indeed, the visions are from a vampire.

This was my very first story by Ms. MacAlister and I can positively state that it will not be my last. I found this to be a fast paced romance with an exciting mystery and a lot of laughs. Written in first person, Iím certain that you will find Joy to be as hysterically funny as I did. Half the time I was reading this book I was either snickering, giggling or laughing out loud with, and at her. The hero is a to-die-for alpha male who possesses Joy from the start. Even though he canít tell her his secret and that really makes Joy sad, she stays with him, as well as does her best to help him, much to his dismay. Go and get A Girlís Guide to Vampires right away! I loved it and Iím certain that you will too.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Vikky.

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