by Bella Andre

September 2003
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Charlie Gibson has a small problem with relationships. Well, actually one big one. He isn't in one. It's hard to have a relationship when no date ever gets past the 'what do you do for a living' question. See, Charlie writes erotica. Unfortunately, to be a guy who writes erotica obviously equates to being a prevert in the minds of the women he goes on dates with. He's getting discouraged about ever finding a woman who will accept his job and love him. He is slowly resigning himself to living a lonely life with just his books for company.

Candace Whitman wants to write erotica. Having always been a good girl, she feels the need to break out of the rut she's in. She wants to convince herself and a few unnamed ex-boyfriends that she isn't the ice queen they seemed to think she is. The first time she read erotica, she felt an instant connection. Candace wants to prove that she can make it. But she needs to get published first.

At an erotica writing conference, fate steps in and Candace runs into Charlie. Literally, she runs into him and knocks him down. Attracted to each other, they try to fight it. When Candace finds out who Charlie is, she's in awe. He's the whole reason she fell in love with erotica in the first place. Charlie needs a little help, so he becomes Candace's mentor. Wow, do the sparks fly and candle wax drip. The lessons Charlie has in mind to help Candace become a better erotica writer are steamy. No woman could help but be inspired by this teacher. Candace takes the lessons to heart and finds a story that she needs to tell.

Along the way, Candace and Charlie find more than lust and great sex during these lessons. They find mutual dreams. They learn to trust each other. But will their love survive when that trust is seemingly betrayed?

Charlie is a wonderful male lead. Insecure because of rejection, he's unsure about appoarching Candace. He's sensitive and sexy. Trust is one of the few issues he has. Watching him learn how to trust Candace with his heart and dreams is heartwarming. Candace is a good girl who learns that being bad once in a while won't hurt her. She comes to accept that Charlie can love her just the way she is. The story is well-written with an interesting view into how a male erotica writer might be treated by women.

Authors In Ecstasy is hot, steamy, and sexy. Make sure to have a fan to cool yourself down. Also, a hankerchief to mop the sweat from your brow. It's also a heartwarming guide to two people learning to trust and accept each other.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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