by Scott Carpenter, Sahara Kelly

September 2003
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Eleanor Preston has worked hard to succeed on her own with out any help from her wealthy father. She also has body issues. With Red hair and a very well endowed ass, in her own words mind you, she doesn’t believe that men find her attractive, at least enough to stay. She has had more fun with her vibrator than with the real thing.

When the girls from work convince her to join their girl’s night out, she reluctantly agrees, and is oh so glad she did, because she meets Justin. A total hunk, who makes her tongue tied and feeling like a teenager all over again. Imagine her surprise when he asks for her phone number and actually calls. Could this be the start of something good?

Justin Collins is your typical guy. He works out, goes to work and loves to look at women. When he spots the gorgeous redhead with the great ass in his bar, he is determined to get to know her better. He is a little unsure, after all, getting dumped doesn’t do your self-esteem any favors. But when Eleanor agrees to go out with him, he is sure his luck is about to change.

Eleanor and Justin are great together. I loved the way their relationship unfolded. It actually felt like I had gone through the same rituals…hey wait, I have. Told from both points of view, you got a unique perspective on relationships, dating and sex. It was funny watching Justin talk to his "companion". I wonder if most guys really do that?

When Justin is in danger of losing his business because his partner screws up, Eleanor tries to help. Now, I usually hate the way this plays out. She/or he always waits until it is too late to tell the other what they have done, and then get mad when the other party is upset. They are both justified in their anger, but damned if I don’t still hate it. But that was just a small quibble. Over all this was a wonderful first collaboration between these two wonderfully talented, funny authors. And from the title, I am going to assume that this isn’t the last we will see of Justin and Eleanor. I for one am looking forward to it.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Carolyn.