by Treva Harte

September 2003
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Victor Ruiz is back from the dead. What do you do when you find out that nothing is the same as you left it? His fiancťe, Jen, is about to marry his best friend Jack, and he finds out that he is also father to a little girl that will call another man daddy. When he is offered "comfort" by Cecilia, Jenís sister, in pain and feeling betrayed, he takes her up on her offer. Hoping that hot, mindless sex will mask his screams of pain, they spend a weekend having mind-blowing sex, only to go their separate ways.

Three years later, Cecilia is diagnosed with endometriosis and one of the options to cure her is to have a baby, and she knows just who to ask after all, Victor owes her. Victor is more than willing to take her up on her offer, but he is adamant that theirs will be a true marriage and that he will help her raise their child, the way he canít for his other daughter.

Victor and Cecilia are passionate, stubborn and sure that they can make this work. The only problem is neither one has told the truth of what they expect from each other. Both have careers where they travel a great deal and have a hard time compromising. When the health of Cecilia and their child is at risk, Victor changes his schedule to be there for her. Cecilia has loved Victor since she was a kid. But she isnít sure how to get him to realize that her love is constant and she will never leave him. Victor equates love with abandonment and pain. He never knew his father and his mother abandoned him when he was a child. All he has ever wanted was a family, and he knows that this is his chance to finally have it all. He truly believes that if he keeps his heart safe, no will be able to hurt him.

Second Time is all about second chances. This is Victorís chance to have with Cecilia what he missed with Jen. Cecilia is young and a little selfish. She asks Victor to father her child, not giving any thought to the pain and disappointment he has felt about not being able to raise his daughter himself. She also wants things on her terms with little or no compromise on her part. Thankfully she begins to grow up and realizes that sometimes getting your way isnít always best. It takes Victor a little longer to realize that he has loved Cecilia for a very long time. And that love doesnít always have to hurt. Unfortunately, neither one of them talks to the other until it is almost too late. It takes the birth of their child for them to realize that what they have is the real thing and is worth saving. Sometimes in life, you do get a do-over.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Carolyn.

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