by Joyce and Jim Lavene

September 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-422-1
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Keri Marsh is bound and determined to have it out with her boss today. Just because she has epilepsy doesnít mean that she cannot work on archeological digs. However, fate steps in as she opens the museum door into the face of a man who is not only attractive but also holds the key to a major find. Lying about her job at the museum, Keri convinces the man to allow her to keep a diary and verify his story.

Armand St. Jacques claims to be the descendant of the Bourbon throne. The story is that Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVIís son was rescued during the Terror and brought to an island off the coast of Alabama. As Armand is the last descendant of this royal line he hopes that Keri will help him find the truth about the story. What he doesnít expect is to be attracted to Keri because he has a secret as well.

Treasures of the Heart is the story of one womanís struggle and true love. Keri has been sheltered all her life due to her epilepsy. She has been constantly told that she canít do things because of the threat of a seizure. However, she has had enough and when an opportunity falls in her lap, Keri grabs a hold of it with both hands. Armand is a sexy man who is not all that he appears. The dialogue between these two is funny as they continuously argue to keep each other at armís length. But even those around them can see the true love shining through and urge them to put their differences aside. A quick and smooth read, Treasures of the Heart is fun for everyone.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Vikky.

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