by Margaret L. Carter

September 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-179-2
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Nigel Jamison has a slight problem. He has heard rumors that pictures have surfaced that show a strange winged creature at a Black Mass somewhere in the Northern California area. Besides having wings, this female also drinks the occulists' blood. He needs to get those pictures away from the photographer before they are leaked to the public. For Nigel has a secret that he's been trying to keep for years.

Sherri Hudson is on vacation. She plans on enjoying the sci-fi/fantasy convention that she's gone to. Sure, there are a lot of strange guys around, but what can she expect at this type of convention? Then she meets Nigel. There's just something about him that strikes her interest. Could it be that he looks better in a floor length cape than all the other Dracula look-alikes? Maybe it's those gray eyes with the specks of red in them. What ever it is, Sherri finds herself helping Nigel steal some photos from a two-bit reporter. When she comes out of her stupor, she's furious to realize that he has hypontized her into helping him. She leaves the con, vowing to have nothing to do with him again.

Unfortunately, someone else is looking for those pictures as well. When they don't find them on the reporter, they assume Sherri has them. Now, she's being harassed by a stranger. Blaming Nigel, she tells him he has to deal with the problem. The stranger attacks her. During Nigel's rescue attempt, Sherri realizes that Nigel isn't the mild mannered professor of psychology that he pretends to be. Willing to help Nigel find the woman in the picture, Sherri has to decide if she is willing to accept Nigel for what he is. If she accepts him, what kind of life will she be living?

Sealed In Blood is an interesting spin on vampires and their human companions. Fast-paced without much down time, Sherri and Nigel race around California. I did find that Sherri was rather too quick to accept Nigel's differences. He might be drop dead gorgeous, but I think I would have a few doubts about the whole thing. Nigel's character seemed a little too under control. Very few emotions got out of hand for him.

I enjoy vampire books and am always on the lookout for new books with a different spin on the theme. Margaret L. Carter does a good job breathing in new life into an old theme.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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