by Jayne Castle

March 2004
ISBN: 0-515-13694-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Ms. Castle takes us back to the city of New Cadence on Harmony, where psychic talent is common, ghosts are real and where those dust bunnies under the bed just might be after your pretzels.

Lydia Smith is working hard to salvage her reputation and her career as a para-archeologist. After her lost week in the underground caves, she has been working at Shrimptonís House of Horrors, the tackiest museum in town. Not only is she not taken seriously, her lover, Emmett London is a ghost hunter and an ex-guild boss. It was because of ghost hunters that she was lost in the catacombs underneath Harmony. Letís not mention the fact that she has been invited to the Restoration Ball and hasnít got a thing to wear.

Emmett loves Lydia very much and is willing to put up with her penchant for finding dead bodies. Using his position as acting guild boss to push for a commitment, Emmett gets her to agree to a Marriage of Convenience. He figures, this way, itís just one more step to a Covenant Marriage and forever. When a secret comes to light that has the potential to ruin everything, Emmett has his hands full keeping Lydia from leaving.

With the help of a few friends and a predatory dust bunny, Emmett and Lydia battle ghosts, kidnappers, and nosy reporters to uncover the truth behind Lydiaís lost week and the murder of a former professor and para-archeologist.

I thoroughly enjoyed my return to Ms. Castleís world. Emmett and Lydia are strong, fun and committed to each other, no matter what obstacles are thrown in their paths.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Carolyn.

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