by Beverly Jenkins

January 2004
ISBN: 0-06-054066-4
Reviewer Graphic Button William Morrow
Mass Market Paperback

Sarita Grayson is a strong, driving force in her community. The local community center that she runs is vital to the elderly and the children in the community, and when the health and well-being of some of its older residents is threatened, she does what she feels is the only thing possible to save them, she has to do a favor for local "businessman", Fletcher Harris. She knows its wrong, but she canít think of any other way to save their homes. Stealing is not something that she was raised to believe in, but circumstances dictated a course of action that will have repercussions that will change her life.

Tall, dark, and handsome, businessman extraordinare Mykal Chandler, has to beat the women off with a stick. But what he needs is a wife. Someone who will distract the media from finding out about his secret life as the leader of a covert government agency, dedicated to apprehending the criminals that local law enforcement canít touch. What heís looking for is a beautiful, quiet woman who is willing to marry him and not ask questions.

When they literally bump into each other in the dark, the encounter is explosive and Mykal ends up with a bullet wound and a burning desire for revenge. Sarita just wants to get it over with and go home. She wasnít cut out for this kind of thing. All she wants to do is forget this night ever happened. Fate has different ideas about what these two deserve and is more than willing to make them work for it.

Sarita is my favorite kind of heroine, strong, beautiful, passionate and human. Willing to accept the consequences of her actions and capable of keeping her word. Her compassion and the deep involvement she has with her community shines through and makes her a wonderful woman to read about. Mykalís commitment to the cause of justice, his strength of character, and yes his male arrogance make him an interesting and compelling character. The fact that heís handsome and rich doesnít hurt.

The Edge of Midnight is Ms. Jenkins first contemporary novel. A strong, fast-paced and compelling story with interesting, well-rounded characters, Ms. Jenkins has made me want to go back and give her lovely historicals another read. A must read for anyone who loves romance.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Carolyn.

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