by J. M. Jeffries

September 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-151-4
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Jason Stavros was running late for the funeral of Miss Eulalie. He hadn't planned on being late but things just happened. He missed the funeral all together because he stopped to help an older gentleman fix a flat tire. But things were not as they appeared.

Merrill Prescott was Miss Eulalie's lawyer and she was dreading the reading of the will. Miss Eulalie had two greedy family members that wanted it all but received almost nothing in the end. Merrill found a contingency to the will that she didnít even know about until right before the reading and this got her a little upset.

Jason and Merrill had a little problem. The will said they had to live together in order to provide a stable household for a $75 million dollar dog and to provide a shelter for other strays as well. Letís just say that was not what either of them had planned.

Their getting together was not by accident - not by a long shot. They had a little help from the Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Cupid. The ways they tried to help bring them together was hilarious and the situations were a little "out there". They also had to fight the restrictions that Venusí dad, Jupiter, put on them.

If you are looking for a funny, down-to-earth read, this book is for you. We have the forces of nature against the forces of Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter wants more than to just sit on the sidelines and watch the action taking place, and we canít forget the grandmother who only wants to see her granddaughter married.

With the characters in the book you will find several that are just downright lovable and several that - well - are not. Ms. Jeffries has written a book that will take you away for a little while and will leave you with a satisfied feeling.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Pam.

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