by Libby McKinmer

September 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-157-3
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Melissa Miller has it all. She's the premiere architect for an upscale subdivision. She designs multi-million dollar homes and does it beautifully. While her professional life is going the way she would like, her love life leaves much to be desired. She's engaged to Jackson Tobin, her business partner. He handles the business and money side of Fox Hollow Development. Their relationship is comfortable even though there isn't much spark left.

The spark goes out when Melissa discovers that Jackson has cut and run, leaving her holding a loan worth millions. The loan shark is breathing down her neck. He wants his money or he'll get it in other ways. Melissa hires Rees McAlister to find her wayward fiancÚ and bring him back to face the music. She can't help but feel foolish for trusting Jackson. In investigating Jackson's movements, Rees discovers just how deep Jackson has tried to bury Melissa. Rees decides to help Melissa all the while he's fighting his attraction to her. She's not ready for another relationship, he thinks. Melissa knows that she can trust Rees like she has never been able to trust Jackson.

Revenge is sweet when the good guys get the upper hand. The pacing isn't rushed. There is a low-key sense of urgency. The story wraps up with a rush of getting the bad guys and falling in love. The characters of Jackson and his girlfriend seem slightly shallow. They weren't even on par with the good guys. Melissa overcomes her distrust in men very easily. Rees seems a little too good to be true. More background information on all the characters would have added nicely to the total story.

Fox Hollow is a slow-paced mystery with sweet revenge at the end.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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