by Catherine Snodgrass

September 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-121-2
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Toni Wright is a reporter in Vietnam. Crissy is Toniís friend as well but a photographer. Both have been with one patrol for over six months, going out when they go out and coming back when they do. Toni is also married and has remained faithful to her husband, who happens to be a Marine in Vietnam as well. The only thing is, they never see each other and havenít for a long time. Oh Toni had plenty of opportunities to stray but she never did.

Sam Patterson is a Marine and the leader for the patrol that Toni and Crissy go out with. Sam is attracted to Toni but he doesnít do anything about it, because of her faithfulness to her husband. He admires her for that and for her ability to keep her wits about her and pull her own weight.

Toni and Sam are both alike, they admire each other, and they are attracted to each other. Only Toni wonít do anything about that attraction, until one day she leaves for Hawaii to see her husband in the hospital, after she is contacted that he stepped on a mine and lost both is legs. This is two weeks after the fact.

The meeting between Toni and Rob is not like she planned it at all. Rob has asked her to bring his mistress and two little boys out of Vietnam. Can she do it; can she bring herself to help them? Toni files for a divorce and Rob wonít sign the papers until she follows through with the promise she made before she knew what it was.

Can the feelings between Toni and Sam be more than just the closeness they have shared for over six months? Can Sam let Toni be herself and do her job? Not only are Toni and Sam put into a dangerous situation that could get them killed, but they also have no idea who they can trust and why they were put into the danger to begin with. Oh they know the dangers in the jungle, but it is the ones close at hand they are unsure about. Can Toni dig enough below the surface to find out what is truly going on?

The Favor is a wonderful and emotional story that not only deals with Toni, Sam, and Rob, but of everyone they come in contact with. To see the love through all the tragedy is remarkable. The secondary characters and description of the places is great. It gives you a glimpse of what they felt and what they saw. Even though this is book three, you do not have to read the other two, this book can and does stand on its own.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Pam.

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