by Jaid Black, Ann Jacobs, Joey W. Hill

September 2003
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Mastered by Ann Jacobs

Rocky and Sandra have been friends for years. Neither was aware that they both had the same secret. When they kiss and he realizes that there is more to Sandra than he suspected, they embark on a journey where they will discover that while Sandra may have gotten a new Master; Rocky is the one who is truly Mastered.

Ms. Jacobs has given us a glimpse into a world where pleasure and pain go hand in hand and control is everything. Rocky and Sandra are strong passionate people looking for the one person who completes them. The sex is hot and inventive.

A Choice of Masters by Joey W. Hill

How long should someone be punished for a mistake made in youthful arrogance. That is the question that author Joey Hill seeks to answer.

Lady Lilith has been under a spell for almost 5 years. As a foolish young girl, she sent a young man off to die to prove his love to her, and she didnít even remember his name. His brother, the sorcerer Zorac in his grief and pain, put her under a spell that caused her to suffer the frustration of arousal without the release. He allowed her to be humiliated and degraded all in the name of vengeance. Her only hope is to trust Sir Thomas and accept him as her master.

Sir Thomas has been dreaming of Lady Lilith for a long time. He has fallen in love with her and has found a way to free her from Zoracís spell and claim her. But first he has to break the spell. He hopes that she will accept his love and recognize him as her master.

Passionate, heartbreaking and yet at the same time uplifting, author Joey Hill has give us a story that hopefully will make you think about how the choices we make in anger, grief and youthful arrogance, can impact your life and those around you. And when do you start to forgive?

Death Row: The Mastering by Jaid Black

Nicoletta Khan finally escaped her husband Abdul and his harem. While she has always loved him, she hated the fact that he was responsible for the sub-humans that now inhabit their world and for the death of his first wife and her friend Sinead. At Abdulís death she thought she would be free, but she still mourns for him. Upon her return to Earth, the transport ship she is on is hijacked and subhuman males abduct her. When she wakes she recognizes the male who has taken possession of her. She had escaped him before and thought him dead.

What Nicoletta is not prepared for are the revelations that come on the morning after the hottest, fiercest mating she has ever experienced. What she will learn will shake the foundations of her world and give her back that which she has missed and wanted the most. Hot sex and fierce emotions are a staple of this series. Definitely not one to miss.

The Mastering is the fourth installment in Jaid Blackís Death Row series. It is definitely recommended that you read the other stories in order to understand the events that lead up to this story.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Carolyn.