by Ginny McBlain

January 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-398-5
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Quinn and Meredith McAllister have only been married for a short time when he receives a call that told him his whole world was going to change. His best friend has been killed along with his wife. Quinn is needed to take care of the three children left behind. He remembers the promise he made to his friend. He knows that he can't turn his back on those kids, not when they need him the most.

Meredith is never having children. She told Quinn that before she married him. She grew up with an abusive mother. An episode in her own life warns her that she might have those same tendencies. She doesn't want to take the chance that she might ever hurt a child. But when Quinn tells her that he is taking the children home to Omaha to live with them, she's floored. How could he decide that without even asking her? Was the promise he made to his best friend more important than the vows he made her? Can she deal with three children ruining her perfectly ordered house?

Within moments, Quinn and Meredith's lives are turned upside down. Suddenly all the plans they had for their future lie in shambles beneath the feet of three little kids. Meredith's feelings of not being perfect enough or good enough cause obstacles towards the path of understanding and peace. Also, the secret she hides could destroy what love Quinn has for her. Trying to become a family will take time and effort on their part. Will they finally reach a point where they trust and love each other enough to handle the responsibilities?

A touching story of how we all have to rearrange our life plans once in a while. The understanding that life doesn't always go our way. It's nice to see Meredith work through her problems. Seeing her heart open up to the children and become willing to be their mother is touching. Quinn is an understanding man who doesn't seem to let too much bother him. He seems almost too perfect. His puzzlement at his wife's actions and his frustration with her would have been taken care of if they had just talked to each other. Their inability to communicate through most of the book becomes annoying.

Solemn Vows is a lesson in adjusting to what ever life throws at you. It also shows that a person can overcome their childhood to become a person worthy of love.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Jenni.

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