by Jennifer Greene

December 2003
ISBN: 0-380-81973-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Where Is He Now?, Is the story of the 15th high school reunion for a class from St. Sebastian’s. Back in their senior year classmates Arnold Grafton, Tamara Whitley and Jeanne Claire Cassidy agreed to be the reunion committee. The time to meet and plan the reunion is now upon the trio.

Even before their first meeting Arnold asks Jeanne Claire to get the keynote speaker for the reunion. Arnold wants the speaker to be Nate Donneli. Jeanne Claire and Nate share a past, but can they share a future?

Fifteen years in the past Nate and Jeanne Clare shared a passion that they thought would last a lifetime. As they meet again to discuss the keynote speech they both feel the flames igniting again.

Arnold, Tamara, Jeanne Claire, and Nate have all traveled different paths than they embarked upon as graduation seniors. Yes, the road might have not been as smooth as they wished, but it’s what has turned them into the people they are today.

Ms. Greene has written an entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I especially liked the idea of high school sweethearts being reunited and realizing how they’ve matured and grown but still need one another to feel complete. The only disappointment that I foresee for some readers is the fact that the “temperature” of Where Is He Now? is mild, and will not cause a heatstroke.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Sandi.

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