by Jamie Denton

November 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69150-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1050
Mass Market Paperback

Fireman Ben Perry is out with friends to remember one of his fallen buddies. Ivan Fitzpatrick died while trying to rescue a woman and her two children from a burning building. Everyone else made it out alive but a collapsed roof trapped Fitz before he could make it to safety. Ben knows the death was an accident but he canít help feeling a little bit guilty, after all he was the one in charge and sent the firefighter into the building.

OSHA investigator, Jana Linney and her friends are out for a girlís night out. Jana has some celebrating to do as she has just been promoted and will be handling her first big investigation come Monday. Tonight is for celebration though.

Soon the conversation among the girls turns to the fact that Jana has never had a mind blowing sexual encounter. Before she knows what happened her friends are daring her to pick up the good-looking man she has been eyeing all night. Never one to back down from a dare Jana soon finds herself talking with Ben Perry.

After some flirtation at the bar the two leave for Janaís place. Once home the two proceed to turn up the heat all night long. Early the next morning Ben is paged and must leave but the two make plans to see each other again. Having only exchanged first names, Ben soon realizes he doesnít have Janaís number.

Come Monday morning Jana arrives at the fire station to begin her investigation into the death of Ivan Fitzpatrick. When she realizes the main person she will be investigating is Ben, she is stunned. Ben has the solution; Jana should give the case to someone else so they can continue seeing each other without having a conflict of interests. Jana refuses.

So begins the battle of wills. Can these two people survive their professional involvement while maintaining a personal relationship?

In Under Fire, Jamie Denton finishes off her Some Like It Hot trilogy in a blaze of glory. Ms Denton has created two very strong willed characters that both believe they are right. It is fun to watch them try to do their jobs while maintaining a personal relationship after-hours. Ms Denton does a fabulous job of updating the reader on characters from the previous books. I found the intimate scenes from this book to be what I believe are the best Ms Denton has ever written. Readers who like sizzle and spice wonít be disappointed. Under Fire gets my highest recommendation. I found the third installment to be easily the best of the bunch.

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Reviewed in September 2003 by Barbara.

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