by Jamie Denton

October 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69146-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1046
Mass Market Paperback

Drew Perry is an arson investigator. His current assignment is to investigate a series of suspicious fires at the Norris Culinary Academy. The latest fire has put Velma Norris the schoolís owner and his prime suspect in the hospital with minor injuries. Drew promises to meet Velmaís granddaughter at the school to explain what has happened. Heís not sure why he made the promise to the woman since his brother Cale is the one known for rescuing damsels in distress not him.

Emily Duganís life is in a mess. She has lost her job due to downsizing. She has discovered her boyfriend is in love with someone else and he has demanded that she vacate the apartment they share, so now she is homeless as well. Emily figures itís the perfect time to visit her beloved grandmother in California.

Upon arriving at the culinary school her grandmother runs Emily meets Drew Perry. He informs her that he is an arson investigator and that her grandmother has been slightly injured in the latest fire at her school. After hearing this Emily promptly faints at Drewís feet.

Emily is transported to the hospital where she learns that she is pregnant. Yet another thing to add to her already troubled life. After visiting her grandmother and making sure she is ok, Emily insists on going back to stay at the school much to Drewís dismay. He feels compelled to look out for the lady and doesnít think itís safe for her to stay there. Drew appoints himself Emilyís protector whether she wants one or not.

Heatwave, the second installment of the Some Like It Hot trilogy continues Ms. Dentonís story of three brother firefighters. Youngest brother Drew is the main character in this one. Again Ms. Denton gives us characters that we can relate to and care about. She also adds a bit of mystery as to who is setting the fires at the culinary school and why. I found this to be a nice second installment in this very hot trilogy. Heatwave was a delight to read.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Barbara.

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