by Jamie Denton

September 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69142-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1042
Mass Market Paperback

On the night paramedic Cale Perry rescues a mysterious woman from a burning paint warehouse his life changes forever. Cale gets as far as asking the woman her name and gets the name Maggie in response before the woman passes out.

Cale finds himself compelled to visit Maggie at the hospital in the week following her accident. He brings her greasy hamburgers he discovers she loves to save her from hospital food. The two soon become friends and Cale looks forward to his nightly visits with the mysterious woman.

Maggie is suffering from amnesia and after a week is no closer to knowing who she is, where she comes from or anything else about her life most importantly why was she in the paint warehouse so late at night? Her life remains a total mystery. As her physical injuries are healing and she no longer requires hospital care social workers prepare to move her to a long-term care facility. Not wanting Maggie to be alone, Cale offers Maggie his home to recuperate in.

The two soon develop a routine and Maggie’s memory is slowly returning in bits and pieces. She is soon convinced that she is a criminal of some sort. Cale knows this can’t be true. The Maggie he knows is loving and caring and wouldn’t hurt anyone. Could it be that he’s falling in love with this mysterious stranger?

Slow Burn is the first in Ms. Denton’s Some Like It Hot trilogy and things are just bound to get hotter. Maggie and Cale are both very likeable characters. The mystery over who Maggie really is was an added bonus and produced some very well written scenes. The author does an excellent job of keeping the identity a secret throughout the book. It was fun to try and guess who Maggie really was from the clues.

Ms. Denton uses flashback scenes to give readers the clues to who Maggie really is and she gives just enough detail to keep the reader guessing but never quite figuring it out.

The chemistry between Cale and Maggie is strong from the beginning. Ms. Denton builds the passion throughout the book working the reader into a frenzy right along with Maggie and Cale. The love scenes were well written and worth the wait.

Ms. Denton also creates some wonderful secondary characters. Pearl, Cale’s dog, was a joy and Gilda the talking parrot with the risqué one liners was a hoot. The reader also gets to meet Drew and Ben, Cale’s brothers who get their own stories in the two remaining books in the trilogy.

Slow Burn is a fantastic start to the wonderful new trilogy by Jamie Denton. Pick up your copy today and then be sure to look for Heatwave and Under Fire to read Drew and Ben’s stories respectively. If Slow Burn is any indication then I think it’s safe to say that Ms Denton doesn’t disappoint and you will be looking for a cool drink to recover from a hot read and anxiously awaiting the next installment

Reviewed in September 2003 by Barbara.

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