by Josie Litton

September 2003
ISBN: 0-553-58585-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Josie Litton wraps up her third Anglo-Akoran trilogy in this novel of heroism, duty and passion. Princess Clio of Akora is an amateur archaeologist, scouring the ruins of Holyhood for bits of the past. While investigating an underground crypt, she has a disturbing experience. Either she has seen a ghost, or the visions that are common among the women in her family have finally decided to come to her. Since these portents only seem to signal the advent of danger, she is even more distressed.

On the way back to the manor house, she meets William, Earl of Hollister, who escorts the shaken princess back to Holyhood, his ancestral home. What no one knows, however, is that William is on a mission from the highest levels of the government and is in danger. Clio is inadvertently drawn into the plot surrounding young Queen Victoria, and William is compelled to protect her.

While Fountain of Fire is filled with interesting characters, the plot seems to fall a bit short. Instead of ending this trilogy with a “bang”, it closes softly and anticlimactically. I think that they ended the suspenseful storyline a bit too early, leaving the reader with a longer final “scene.” The action seemed to peak with a few chapters left. I did enjoy trying to identify the villain and see how Will and Clio were able to overcome the threat. Both Clio and Will were likeable characters, but did not seem to have the force of personality that makes them truly memorable.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Paula.

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