by Sara Jarrod

August 2003
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Jill Carey needs to change her life. Regaining her confidence and trying to survive the guilt, she moves away from Atlanta. Her husband is dead and she can't help but feel good about it. Yet, the way he died weighs on her mind filling it with unnecessary guilt. Buying the haunted mansion, Bliss House, is Jill's first move towards freedom. She scoffs at the rumors and legends about her new home. No ghost could be worse than the memories that taunt her dreams at night. She decides to renovate it.

Kyle Randall would like nothing more than to turn around and run from Jill. But he doesn't have a choice. His responsibilities to his daughter and brother means he has to place a bid to renovate Bliss House. His misgivings don't have anything to do with the fact that his ancestor was burned to death in one of the bedrooms, he tries to tell himself. He doesn't want to act on the lust that burns in him whenever he's close to Jill.

The ghosts of Bliss House are trying to bring Jill and Kyle together. A curse was placed on them the night they were killed. Now as time draws near for the curse to end, they must get Kyle and Jill to fall in love with each other. If they fail, they will spend an eternity apart. The attraction is there, but will lust grow into love? Will Kyle and Jill both overcome the pain and guilt of the past to free the ghostly lovers or will they let fear win?

The characters are fleshed out nicely. They are all flawed and human. Even though, Kyle tends to be a bit more guilt ridden than necessary. Jill seems to get over her marriage a little quicker than I'd expect. Jill and Kyle do show some maturity through out the story. The ghosts were slightly flat. If they are the reason Kyle and Jill meet in the first place, then they should have a little more information given about them.

Haunted is a good book with some very hot love scenes. Don't be near anything flammable while reading this one.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jenni.

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