by Iris Johansen

ISBN: 0-553-58437-5
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Mass Market Paperback

The enigmatic, intriguing and very lethal Sean Galen finally has his story in No One to Trust by Iris Johansen. The mercenary/gourmet chef/guardian angel has a real challenge ahead of him. Asked by a contact in the DEA to help extract a prisoner from a drug lordís prison, Sean finds himself rescuing a woman whose survival skills may equal his own.

Elena Kyler is a mysterious combination of strength and vulnerability, held together by the sheer force of her will to survive. Raised in the foothills of South America, Elena learned to fight at a very young age, and her skills have rarely let her down. Now her priorities have shifted to her young son, Barry, and she will go to any lengths to keep him safe. Not only is he her whole world, but he also holds the key to the destruction of one of Columbiaís top drug lords - his father, Rico Chavez.

As Sean and Elena race across two continents staying one step ahead of Chavez and his minions, they discover that an unexpected attraction can flare up even in the most dangerous of circumstances. Iris Johansen employs a deft hand with the taut, suspenseful plot. There is a great deal of collateral damage in this story, and some of the losses are severe. But these are seriously dangerous people. Her introduction and resolution of the attraction between Sean and Elena is moving and completely believable. Both of them have deep scars and inner battles that make the war outside seem insignificant.

As a reader, I found myself transfixed by the fast-paced action. If your husband or significant other wants to read one of your books, this one would be perfect to recommend. The plot would definitely appeal to an action-oriented reader, like a Tom Clancy fan. I also loved watching the barriers come down between Sean and Elena. Their strengths and weaknesses made it all the more fulfilling. Fans of Ms. Johansenís previous books will be delighted.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Paula.

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