by Ann Jacobs

August 2003
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Gray Syzmanski is finally home. After 7 hellish years in a South American jungle prison, he was glad to be free, but life as he knew it was different. His paralysis has ended his career with the DEA, and he is sure that the hot, sexy lawyer he spent the weekend with before he left on his mission, won't be interested in picking up where she left off with a scarred cripple. His only hope is that he can build a new life.

Andi Young has just heard that Gray is back. She was told he was dead 7 years ago. Her first problem is, how to tell him that he has a 7-year-old son. Her second one is, how do you tell your son that his dad really isnít dead. But her biggest worry is that Gray wonít believe her or want to be involved in their son, Brettís life. She only hopes that he doesnít slam the door in her face.

When they meet again face to face the attraction is instant and intense. They both realize that what they felt for each other has not faded at all in 7 years. I was so impressed by Andiís courage and honesty. It is so refreshing to read a story where the heroine is open and honest about a potentially explosive situation. There is no ugly accusations, no threats and no power plays, except in bed. Gray is a strong alpha male, trying to come to grips with limitations that would have destroyed a lesser man. His strength and determination are apparent and his willingness to try again with Andi and be a part of his sonís life is wonderful and admirable.

Author Ann Jacob has done a wonderful job of showing us that physical limitation doesnít have to stand in the way of love. Her handling of Grayís disabilities was honest, open and refreshing. She didnít attempt to gloss over his difficulties and his limitations. She showed that with help and determination you could still live a full happy life. It also helps that the sex was hot, Gray was sexy and Andi was a wonderful example of what a strong woman can bring to a relationship.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Carolyn.

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