by Amethyst Ames

August 2003
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Angus McLoed, best selling author and hunky poster boy, and Kate Carson, ex-FBI agent, President of Safety First and bodyguard, are about to find out that sometimes what you want is exactly what you need.

Angus needs a bodyguard. He has been receiving threatening letters from what he believes is an over zealous fan. He doesnít think that there is any real threat, although his agent and best friend Marc Jergen, believes differently. When he approaches Angus with the idea of hiring a bodyguard, he is adamant that he doesnít want someone getting in his way and disrupting his writing, but what he does need is a mistress. After all, it has been a year since he has had sex and he is horny.

Kate Carson is not sure at first this is a good idea, after all, it is one thing to fantasize about having sex with Angus and another to actually do the deed. But she needs the money to help her sister save her business and take care of her niece. Her biggest challenge is to keep him distracted enough that he doesnít realize that she is not only feeling up his body, she is also guarding it. Her only hope is that this job doesn't damage her company's reputation.

Kate and Angus play off each other wonderfully. I have a weakness for big, gruff Scottish heroes who arenít afraid of strong women. Kate has always taken care of others. When her mother died, she took over the care of her sister even though she was only nine. Kateís only problem is that after witnessing the murder of her mother by her father, she equates love with violence and she is determined not to follow in her motherís footsteps. The challenge for Angus is to show her that love doesnít have to hurt.

The identity of the crazed fan is not what I expected. Totally cool twist. My only quibble was that things seemed to get wrapped up too quickly.

I enjoyed Undercover Mistress very much. Ms. Ames has definitely been added to my "to-buy list".

Reviewed in September 2003 by Carolyn.

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