by Kathy Carmichael

December 2003
ISBN: 0-8034-9625-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Avalon Books
Trade Paperback

Trouble is brewing in the town of Littlemouth, matchmaking trouble that is. When the five elderly women of The Readers Organization Uniting Book-Loving Littlemouth Elites, trouble for short, arrange a marriage without the consent of the two people who are expected to be the bride and groom, all kinds of crazy events ensue.

Kind schoolteacher Stella Goody, the unknowing bride, is suspected of being a spy, and worldly Quinlan Gregory, the groom, is locked in a basement and assaulted with an arsenal of water balloons. But allís fair in love and war. Things would certainly be different though if Stella and Quin would just realize that they are meant for each other. As children, they were inseparable, but the years had taken them to different places. Quin is a famous journalist who loves the thrill of obtaining that unobtainable story and canít see himself settling down in one place. Stella is content with her comfortable life in Littlemouth. Their strong attraction for one another scares both of them.

Can the Trouble Ladies succeed in pulling off this marriage or will Quin leave town again and take Stellaís heart with him?

Here Comes Trouble will bring a smile to your face. Itís a charming tale with a fun cast of characters. The ladies of Trouble are a hilarious riot. No lie is too big for them, and the lengths they go to in order to bring Stella and Quin together are outrageous. Hopefully, these delightful ladies will appear in future Carmichael novels.

Quin stole my heart with his charm and sensitivity. I liked the fact that though he had traveled the globe and lived a thousand lives, he was still the kind of guy who would save a stray dog. I found his relationship with his mother to be quite endearing.

Though Stella was a likeable heroine, she didnít appeal to me. She was too tame, and her character bored me during certain scenes. I think she needed a little more pizzazz.

The snappy dialogue made up for Stellaís personality. All of the characters played well off each other, and this made the story an engaging one.

Reader, I suggest you watch out. Here comes a good book.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Natasha.

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