by Donna Sterling

August 2003
ISBN: 0-373-79101-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #97
Mass Market Paperback

Sex and the Sleepwalker. I must admit that my imagination ran amok at this title. I did envision all sorts of scenarios which could occur with this condition. What I found when I read the book was a different sort of encounter than I had first pictured.

Brynn Sutherland is suffering from sleepwalking. It appears only during times of extreme stress and her joint partnership in an Athens, Georgia bed and breakfast inn is making her edgy. To add to her woes, an old college flame has arrived on her doorstep.

Cade Hunter is undercover. A federal marshal, he is working with the local police to track a kidnapper who is focusing on the families of local law enforcement personnel. His college buddy, John Sutherland, is heading the investigation, and has asked Cade to keep close tabs on his sister, Brynn. Since their college romance ended on a sour note, Cade is wary of the beautiful innkeeper, and Brynn is almost hostile in her attempts to avoid him. Except at night - when she sleepwalks her way into his room and his bed!

This book had a lot going for it, except the main characters. Alternately pawing each other or stomping off in a huff, they made me nuts. Too many secrets and misunderstandings on top of a mystery to solve makes for tiring reading. I needed a nap to recover from all the emotional upheavals in the plot. I think that the author was trying to do too much in the confines of the series format.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Paula.

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