by Eden Robins

August 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-420-8
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Take one intelligent scientist from the twenty-first century. Add one warrior from the thirty-first century. Mix in a heaping helping of treachery, betrayal, political upheaval and time travel, and season liberally with a sexual attraction that occasionally rockets off the scale. The result? This charming story from Eden Robins.

When Dr. Helen Matthews meets Josh Trem, the heat between them is instant and overwhelming. Fighting her physical responses, her life takes a wild and crazy turn as she finds herself slap in the middle of an interdimensional crisis, and falling deeper in love with Josh each day.

For Jo Sha Ta Rem, time is of the essence if he is to fulfill his mission and save his kidnapped sister. His heart burns, his body lusts and his mind struggles to reconcile the two, focus on what needs to be done, and ignore what he wants to do. To Helen.

All the elements are in play here, and what results is a fascinating look at a new world, peopled with beings much like ourselves. Certain problems have been overcome with the passage of time and space, but others, it seems, are everlasting.

Only one thing marred my appreciation of this tale – at one point, we have to undergo “the misunderstanding”. It’s a shame, since the plot could have functioned very well without it, and given Helen’s intelligence and courage, the incident rang false against the character we’ve come to admire.

It’s a minor point, however, and does not diminish my positive reaction to the story or my recommendation. A fine futuristic story, with exciting characters – Ms. Robins has penned an exciting tale that will certainly lure readers of this genre. I can only wonder what is happening in the “past” to Jo Sha’s sister and her rescuer, and hope that another book will be coming out soon to tell that story.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Celia.

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