by Diane Noble, Pamela Griffin, Kathleen Fuller

October 2003
ISBN: 0-8423-3576-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Heart Quest
Trade Paperback

Christmas Homecoming is a trio of historical romances highlighting the discovery of love during the Christmas holidays. A delicious recipe for a holiday treat, including chocolate chip pecan pie and brown sugar cookies, follows each story.

In A Place to Call Home, Diane Noble details the relationship between a philanthropic upper crust Boston woman, Dr. Olivia Endicott-Jones, and a poor Irishman, Rory OíKelly. Though they are from different worlds, the love they share knows no boundaries.

Pamela Griffinís The Heart of a Stranger reunites childhood sweethearts Susannah Pruitt and Justin Rossiter. For years, Susannah has believed that Justin murdered her father. Now, sheíll learn the truth and realize real love never dies.

Written by Kathleen Fuller, Christmas Legacy finds widow Josephine Patterson burdened by debts and a lack of faith and returning to her childhood home in Minnesota. There she encounters Ben Akers and his young daughters. The gifts they give Josephine will last her beyond her lifetime.

These are three beautifully written heartwarming tales of love, faith, and forgiveness. Each story is a homecoming of hearts as the main characters find their soul mates.

Although all of the narratives are excellent, The Heart of a Stranger is the best of the lot. Itís a clever and poignant tale, which stirs the emotions. The characters are appealing, especially the young girl of tremendous faith who opens Susannahís eyes and heart.

Do not be fooled by the title of this anthology. Christmas comes just once a year, and then of course itís gone. But the memory and the message deserve a permanent place in your heart. Enjoy Christmas Homecoming anytime.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Natasha.