by Lyn Cote

November 2003
ISBN: 0-8423-3558-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Heart Quest
Trade Paperback

Plans and circumstances can change. Unfortunately, Kirsi Royston knows this all too well. She signed a contract six years ago with the Ericksonís and the town of Steadfast, Wisconsin, accepting their monies for her education. In return she would practice at their town clinic for six years upon the completion of her internship and studies. Now she is returning, not to fulfill the obligation but to tell them things have changed. She has come into an inheritance and wants to pay back the money and find a replacement for her position at the clinic. She will only be staying for the summer.

Of course, she doesnít plan on becoming interested in handsome Doug Erickson or the problems of the town. They ensnare her upon her arrival. As the town becomes increasingly disrupted by acts of violence, and Kirsi finds herself the target of the evil, it becomes harder and harder to imagine the end of the summer when she will be leaving to fulfill her family obligations.

Summerís End moves at a fast pace and tells the story of small town life hit by big city problems, such as drugs. There were several thoughts throughout the story that seemed incomplete at times, however, which was a little difficult for the reader who is engrossed in the story. Kirsiís family is a major component in the reasons she canít stay in this town, yet their story is glossed over and not really felt. The ending, which involves her family, seemed too hurried.

Aside from that, the story itself was moving and not only suspenseful but managed to keep God in the center. The main characters centered their lives on their beliefs and God and managed to keep him in the center of their lives amidst all the turmoil going on in the outside world. I really appreciated the fact that Summerís End showed, more than preached, the characters' beliefs. Those that enjoy inspirational romances should find this a fast paced and satisfying experience.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Katy.

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