by Susan May Warren

October 2003
ISBN: 0-8423-8118-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Heart Quest
Trade Paperback

In April of 2003, Susan May Warren took this particular reader to the comfort of Deep Haven, Minnesota and into a bookstore called Footsteps Of Heaven. I was ready to leave the real world behind and move into this fictional town with its characters that had become like family, and a lakeside setting that made it seem like the perfect getaway. I counted the months until finally Tying The Knot was in this reviewer's hot little hands, and I could jump back to Deep Haven with my friends.

This book jumpstarted quickly with EMT Anne Lundstrom entering a house in the inner city of Minneapolis only to find herself being shot seconds later. When she regains consciousness, it is to the sounds of a deliciously male voice singing a hymn as he holds her in his arms. Anne has had to grow up on these mean streets and as she slowly begins her steps to the recovery of her body and mind, she knows she wants to start a new life, in a new place.

Her search for peace and safety will lead her to Deep Haven, where she expects to find a job at the hospital. She never imagines that she will be expected to work with teens that came from the same enviroment that Anne is so determined to run away from. Noah Standing Bear believes that he can turn teen lives around with his Wilderness Challenge Camp, and all he needs is a nurse.

Anne and Noah have no idea that they have met before in a much different situation. After Noah convinces Anne to stay at the camp for the summer against her better judgement, they both begin a journey of discovery and faith that will eventually allow them to heal and even love.

This was a spiritually satisfying book, as Warren does an excellent job of adding in just the right amount of verse and hymn to soothe the reader. However I found that the pace of this book moved much slower than her previous book. Once again the setting alone for this book is enough to keep me reading more. I would have preferred less cat and mouse between the two main characters and more developement of the actual relationship.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Shelby.

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